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Fall Yard Waste Disposal

Post Date:October 26, 2017

Living GreenAs trees continue to carpet your lawn with falling leaves, it's important to follow these tips for properly managing fall yard waste and helping maintain Eden Prairie's water quality.

In winter, freezing and thawing can cause leaves and grass clippings to release nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrates. During spring snow melt, these nutrients wash into nearby bodies of water where they can cause algae blooms or excess plant growth. In addition, as they decay they can consume oxygen and release pesticides which can harm fish and other aquatic life. Recycling or disposing of yard waste in the fall can help avoid these issues and maintain a healthy lawn.

Please don’t sweep leaves and grass clippings into the street. Options for recycling leaves and grass include mulching them into your lawn (make several passes to chop them into a thin, fine layer) and using them as a protective mulch for plant and flower beds over the winter. To dispose of fall yard waste, compost leaves and grass or bag them into compostable bags and take them to a disposal site.

To find locations to dispose of your excess leaves and grass clippings, review Hennepin County’s Green Disposal Guide.

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