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Joyce Lorenz

Katie Bengtson

Life is Good in Eden Prairie

Post Date:March 24, 2017

According to the latest survey results, Eden Prairie residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life, with nine out of 10 feeling positive about living and raising children in Eden Prairie.

In fall 2016, National Research Center, Inc. conducted the City’s communitywide resident survey – the biennial Quality of Life Survey which has been providing City leaders with a consumer report card since 2006.

“The quality of life survey is an important tool we use to gauge community sentiment,” said Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens. “The results are used by the City Council to evaluate performance, programs and services, and to set goals and plan for Eden Prairie’s future.”

Key Findings

  • Eden Prairie’s quality of life is exceptional with 95 percent of respondents rating their overall quality of life as excellent or good, and no poor ratings, which places Eden Prairie’s quality of life rating higher compared with benchmark communities.
  • Eden Prairie is safe with 95 percent positively evaluating their overall feeling of safety.
  • The economy in Eden Prairie is strong with 93 percent of residents positively rating the City’s overall economic health, 90 percent rating the City as a great place to work and 93 percent reporting they would recommend conducting business in Eden Prairie.
  • The City’s services are highly rated both with regard to quality and value of services for taxes paid, each rating increased by 7 percent and is higher than benchmark communities.
  • Residents are engaged with a 20-point increase in residents reporting accessing the City’s website, and significant increases in using the City’s other information sources, including the Life in the Prairie newsletter, email and text communication, and social media platforms.
  • Traffic is an issue with 20 percent of residents citing traffic congestion as what they like least about living in Eden Prairie.

To see a complete report of the 2016 survey results, visit edenprairie.org/qualityoflife.

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