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True Cost of Water Softeners

Post Date:September 15, 2017

Handful of water Investing in a water softener may not be worth it, especially in Eden Prairie.

The financial implications of installing a home water softener are significant and the environmental costs often overlooked. Before purchasing a water softener, residents should consider the facts.

Eden Prairie already provides softened water at no extra charge.
The City’s water treatment plant softens water using a process without chlorides, while recycling water and protecting surface waters from chloride contamination.

Water softeners harm Eden Prairie’s environment.
A residential water softener may be harming our waterways. Wastewater treatment plants are unable to remove chloride from water discharged into the sewer, leading to chloride salts released into the environment. The chlorides build up in surface and ground water over time.

Water softeners waste Eden Prairie’s water supply.
In addition to contaminating ground water, home water softeners waste an average of 10,000 gallons of water per year to flush salt-brine out of the softener and into the sewer. This costs Eden Prairie residents unnecessary water and sewer fees, on top of the added expenses of buying salt and maintaining the softener system.

Water softeners wastes money.
Eden Prairie’s water fees are among the lowest in the metro area, which is a great bargain considering most other cities do not provide softened water. Eden Prairie delivers softened water for just $2.10 per thousand gallons. Eden Prairie residents who install home water softeners are increasing their water costs by an additional $3.77 per thousand gallons on average.

For more information about drinking water in Eden Prairie, contact the utilities operations manager at 952-949-8530.

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