Support Division

The Eden Prairie Police Department Support Division consists of the Records, Dispatch, Professional Development, Support Operations, Community Service/Animal Control, Retail Crime, Zoning and Licensing, Chaplain and Airport units. The Support Division is led by Lt. Matt Sackett.

The Records Unit maintains the police records system, which processes reported complaints, crimes and calls for service. The Records Unit also maintains the stolen/found property inventory.

The Eden Prairie Police Department operates its own Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), also known as a dispatch center. All 911 calls made in Eden Prairie are sent directly to the dispatch center, allowing for enhanced, personalized customer service. The dispatch center answers more than 60,000 calls for service each year.

Community Service/Animal Control
The Community Service/Animal Control Unit responds to nearly 2,000 calls for service each year dealing with domestic, wildlife and livestock animal concerns. They also patrol parks, enforce ordinances and respond to medical calls, car lockouts and other customer service-related calls. The Unit uses a combination of education and enforcement to maintain the safety of Eden Prairie residents, while encouraging enjoyable and fulfilling relationships with domestic animals.

Professional Development
The Professional Development Unit oversees internal and external training for all Department personnel. This unit is also responsible for maintaining the Department's procedural manual and overseeing the hiring process for new police officers.

Retail Crimes
The Retail Crime Unit consists of two officers who are liaisons with the retail community in Eden Prairie. They operate out of a substation in the Eden Prairie Center mall and focus on all types of retail crime and crime prevention issues.

Support Operations
The Support Operations Unit consists of two sergeants who provide relief for other sergeants in the Department. In addition, they manage the Community Service/Animal Control Unit, technology projects, crime prevention programs, Speakers Bureau, false alarm reduction, policy development and code enforcement.

Zoning and Licensing
The Zoning Administrator oversees Citywide zoning issues by working with other City departments, and is responsible for educating the community and obtaining compliance on all zoning-related issues. The Licensing Technician is responsible for licensing businesses that sell liquor and tobacco, peddlers and individuals who seek permits to acquire handguns.

The Airport Unit consists of two officers who serve as liaisons to Flying Cloud Airport.

A group of highly trained clergy and lay people from Eden Prairie make up the members of the Police Chaplain program. The group routinely assists police officers and firefighters in situations involving trauma and tragedy.