Drinking Water FAQ

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Drinking Water.

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  • Are there more pollutants in drinking water today than there were 25 years ago?

  • Do I need to take special precautions with drinking water?

  • Do we have less water than we did 100 years ago?

  • How do I know if there is lead in my drinking water?

  • How does lead get into household water?

  • Is “new” water better than treated water?

  • Is it true that once you use water, it's gone?

  • Is the fluoride and chlorine in my drinking water safe?

  • What causes the rusty color in my water?

  • What chemicals are used in the treatment of Eden Prairie’s water?

  • What if my water has an unusual odor?

  • What is the hardness of City water?

  • When my water comes out of the tap, it looks cloudy, but then clears up. Should I be concerned?

  • Where can I find information about Eden Prairie drinking water quality?