Open Government

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The City of Eden Prairie strives to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide services to the public effectively and efficiently, but to also make local government more accessible and responsive.

Here are ways we're ensuring the community is informed and engaged, which we are continually working to improve.

Technology has allowed the City of Eden Prairie to connect with the public like never before. By using our website as a platform for open government and investing time and resources in new engagement channels, we are helping residents to be better informed and to play a more active role in their community.

Service Delivery
The City’s strategy for providing services to the community focuses on making transactions convenient and easy for the public, and more efficient for City staff by reducing the time and cost of managing requests.

In Eden Prairie, government business doesn’t happen behind closed doors, and we strive to use the latest in technology to make government records available to the public. We are proud of how we put your tax dollars to work, and we want you to know about it. We also keep the public informed of meetings where important decisions are made and make records of past meetings available.

Vision, Mission and Goals
We have a strategy for the way we approach our work. Our vision, mission and goals define how we work together as an organization to produce the best results possible for our community. When establishing goals, we ensure they are aligned with the vision and mission. To keep ourselves accountable, we track and measure our progress relative to the goals and measures established. When we meet our goals, in essence we meet the community's expectations of us.