Environmental Learning Center

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Eden Prairie's Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is located within the City's Water Treatment Plant at 14100 Technology Drive.

Students of all ages and grade levels are invited to visit the center to learn about water conservation and becoming good stewards of our environment. The interactive exhibits bring environmental issues to life and allow students to learn about water-related topics such as drinking water treatment, watersheds and other environmental concerns.

Tours of the Water Treatment Plant help students understand how the City provides safe drinking water to the community. Students are guided through the facility by a water treatment plant operator and learn about processes behind public water systems.

Visiting classes are split into two groups that take turns touring the water plant at the ELC. All classes are required to have chaperones available to aid them in the learning process during the tour and ELC activities. A list of the chaperones' names must be provided before visiting. For grades 4 or younger, one chaperone is required for every ten students. For grades 5 or older, one chaperone is required for every 15 students.

Tours are available Monday and Wednesday 9 a.m.–3 p.m. and Thursday 9 a.m.–noon. Tours typically run 90 minutes depending on class size.

Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt through the exhibits is designed for grades 3-12 (with a focus on water resources.) Students complete their worksheets by interacting with six exhibits where the answers are located.

The student laboratory provides hands-on learning through basic water chemistry and analysis. Full Option Science System (FOSS) water measurement kits are available for grades 3-5 to use at the ELC.

Classroom Materials
The ELC provides educational materials for use in the classroom. These are available upon request and must be reserved in advance.

  • Water Testing Kits: Educators can reserve drinking water kits to test alkalinity and hardness, or surface water kits to test total chlorine, ammonia nitrate and more.
  • Big Foot Video: Students learn how we can Recycle, Reduce and Reuse to lighten our footprint on the environment. The locally produced video is aimed at audiences in grades 5-7. Recycling kits are also available for classroom demonstrations.
  • Water Wisdom Video: Produced by the Center for Global Environmental Education and filmed locally with volunteers from the Eden Prairie community, this video focuses on water conservation at home. The video is aimed at audiences in grades 5-7.

To arrange a tour or reserve materials, please call the Tour Reservation Line at 952-949-8330 or send an email request to the Environmental Learning Center.