Irrigation Rebates

Apply for Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

Residential IrrigationQualifications

  • WaterSense-approved smart irrigation controller or module (controllers requiring module to be WaterSense-approved do not qualify, only the module qualifies)
  • Eden Prairie resident with non-delinquent water/sewer utility account

Rebate Amount

  • Smart irrigation controller and module rebates are 50 percent of pretax cost, up to $100 each
  • Funding is limited and available on first-come, first-served basis
  • Rebate appears as credit on applicant’s utility bill; checks issued for applicants who do not pay utility bills directly to the City

Rebate Guidelines

  • System must follow City’s odd/even, no noon-to-5 p.m. watering requirements
  • City reserves right to evaluate product purchase price to determine amount eligible for rebate
  • Information about grants or rebates from other organizations must be provided; applicant required to pay minimum of 10 percent of cost
  • City has right to discontinue or amend rebate program at any time

Required Documents

  • Copy of itemized invoice or receipt, including make and model, required to determine eligibility
  • WaterSense documentation or label must be included

Other Rebates

Irrigation System Upgrade or New Install

  • WaterSense-approved smart controller or module
  • Rebate is 25 percent of pretax cost, up to $5,000
  • Requires City approval prior to installation

Stormwater Reuse Systems

  • Replacement or addition of stormwater reuse system to existing irrigation system with smart controller or module
  • Rebate is up to $500 of pretax cost
  • Considered on case-by-case basis
  • Does not include rain barrels
  • Requires City approval prior to installation

Contact City's sustainability specialist to apply