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News releases issued by the Eden Prairie Police Department, including incident briefs and crime alerts, are distributed with the intent to inform and educate the community and encourage public safety.

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Crime Alert: Residential Break-ins

Post Date:May 16, 2018

Eden Prairie Police Department LogoOver the past three weeks, Eden Prairie Police have responded to a number of residential burglaries and suspicious incidents involving homes with unlocked doors, garages, windows, patio doors and gates. Each of these incidents have occurred during overnight hours while residents were asleep inside the homes. Items being taken from these residences include purses, wallets, computers and cash, often left just inside an unlocked entrance.

To view the location of these and other crimes in Eden Prairie, visit the Community Crime Map.

Eden Prairie Police believe there may be multiple suspects who are committing these crimes, not only in Eden Prairie but also throughout the metro area. Detectives are following up on leads, but Police also ask the public to report any suspicious activity and take action to help prevent additional crimes from occurring in our community.

Do your part to keep your home and belongings safe:

  • Lock all entrances to your home, including garage service doors, and close overhead garage doors at night. Open and unlocked doors provide quick and easy access to cars, items in garages and homes.
  • Lock all cars left in driveways or on the street overnight. Thieves can use garage door openers found in unlocked cars in driveways to access garages and homes.
  • Do not leave valuables such as purses, wallets, keys and electronics in cars parked in driveways or garages overnight, also consider tucking them away inside your home, rather than leaving them by the door.

Police are asking residents to be alert and report any suspicious activity by calling 911 immediately.

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