Sustainable Eden Prairie

Sustainable Eden Prairie

Sustainable Eden Prairie is an ongoing effort focusing on education and implementation of sustainable practices to protect the environment and natural resources our community enjoys.

Building upon the success of the 20-40-15 initiative, the City is leading by example and providing a foundation for residents and businesses to carry out sustainable practices in four areas — energy, landscape, waste and water.

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Smart Ways to Prevent Overwatering Your Lawn

Most people water significantly more than they need to maintain a green lawn.
Post Date:June 27, 2018

Grass wetWith summer in full bloom, residents have turned on their automatic sprinkler systems in pursuit of green, green grass.

Lawn irrigation uses a large amount of water and much of it may not be necessary. Learn how to prevent overwatering your lawn to conserve water, lower your water bill and help the environment.

Watch Green Grass with Less Blue, a video that is part of a joint project by University of Minnesota Extension and the Metropolitan Council. Additional lawn-watering information and water-saving strategies are available at and

Smart Irrigation Controllers
Water responsibly to save money and energy by taking advantage of Eden Prairie's irrigation rebate program. Smart irrigation controllers conserve water by tailoring watering schedules to your home. The controllers can monitor weather conditions, soil moisture levels, evaporation and much more.

Apply for smart irrigation controller rebate

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