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Sustainable Eden PrairieSustainable Eden Prairie is an ongoing effort focusing on education and implementation of sustainable practices to protect the environment and natural resources our community enjoys.

Building upon the success of the 20-40-15 initiative, the City is leading by example and providing a foundation for residents and businesses to carry out sustainable practices in four areas — energy, landscape, waste and water.

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Round Lake Water Treatment Begins

The City is using alum to improve Round Lake's water quality.
Post Date:September 27, 2018

Round Lake at sunset

The City will conduct an alum treatment on Round Lake during the week of Oct. 22.

As outlined in Eden Prairie’s Local Water Management Plan (LWMP), the City will use aluminum sulfate (alum) to improve water quality and reduce internal pollutants in Round Lake. Alum treatment is a commonly used method for controlling phosphorus in lakes and is not harmful to aquatic life, animals or humans.

When applied to water, alum forms a fluffy precipitate called a floc that removes phosphorus from the water as it sinks and settles on the bottom. The floc is not toxic to aquatic life and is commonly used to control phosphorus in lake.

Click here for the current LWMP [PDF]

Learn about lake management from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

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