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City of Eden Prairie Election Results

Post Date:November 08, 2018

Preliminary results show 80 percent of registered voters participated in the 2018 general election in Eden Prairie. In the City Council races, voters elected Ron Case as mayor, and Kathy Nelson and Mark Freiberg to the City Council. The Council will fill the seat vacated by Ron Case in early 2019.

Unofficial Eden Prairie City Council Election Results


Candidate Votes        
Ron Case 15,760 52.67
Brad Aho 14,058 46.98

CITY COUNCIL (elect 2)

Candidate Votes Percentage
Kathy Nelson 16,253 34.79
Mark Freiberg 10,692 22.89
PG Narayanan 10,374 22.21
Andrew K Moller 9,189 19.67
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