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Sustainable Eden Prairie Award Winners

Post Date:November 14, 2018
2018 Sustainable Eden Prairie Award winners (l-r) Cindy Eddy, PROP Shop; Aeon Bashir, Aeon for Ocean; Chris Orr, Elim Shores
2018 Sustainable EP Award Winners

The City of Eden Prairie recognized Sustainable Eden Prairie Award winners at the Nov. 13 City Council meeting. The Sustainable Eden Prairie Award recognizes significant and innovative investments that contribute to the overall vitality and sustainability of the community.

Elim Shores Independent & Assisted Living was honored in the energy category for retrofitting its 28-year-old building to become energy-efficient. The improvements include, but are not limited to, a complete LED light retrofit and installing Energy Star-approved wall air-conditioning units for its 70 residents.

Elim Shores has also been recognized as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star-certified building, and is the fifth senior housing community in Minnesota to achieve this certification.

In lieu of the landscape category, for which there were no nominations, two winners were recognized in the waste category.

Eden Prairie resident Jean Esbensen was honored for her concerted efforts to reduce the amount of waste her family generates. She does this through several sustainable practices, including bulk shopping, using refillable water bottles, shopping with reusable shopping bags, registering for online newspapers and more.

The PROP Shop was also recognized for its efforts to divert waste from landfills by accepting more than 104,000 bags of donated clothing, household items, books and furniture for resale. Reducing waste and reusing items prevents pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves energy and sustains our environment for future generations.

Aeon for Ocean was honored in the water category for public education and outreach on the connectivity between freshwater and ocean health, including waste clean-up events at Lake Riley and presenting to schools on sustainable practices. The non-profit organization was founded by 8-year-old Eden Prairie resident Aeon Bashir to "educate and increase awareness about ocean conservation and marine life amongst kids and their greater role in spreading the message to drive action."

This award program aligns with Sustainable Eden Prairie, an ongoing effort focusing on education and implementation of sustainable practices to protect the environment and natural resources our community enjoys. The four nomination categories reflect the initiative's focus areas – energy, landscape, waste and water.

Learn more at edenprairie.org/SustainableAward.

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