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Solicitor Season Will Be Here Soon

Post Date:March 04, 2019 2:32 PM

No-Peddlers-sign-1024x568Soon the snow will melt, the sounds of robins chirping will fill the air and solicitors will attempt to sell their wares and services door to door in Eden Prairie neighborhoods. Solicitors and peddlers who wish to work in Eden Prairie are required to obtain a license from the Police Department prior to operating. The EPPD’s Licensing Clerk reviews each application and conducts a background check on both the company and individual salespeople.

If the background check is found to be satisfactory, the solicitors and peddlers are allowed to work in the City during the dates stated on their applications. Solicitors and peddlers are not allowed to work in city parks. Peddling and soliciting is only allowed from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

solicitor idApproved solicitors and peddlers are required to wear an identification card from the Police Department which must be displayed between their neck and waist.  Issuance of an identification card is in no way an endorsement of any product or service sold by a solicitor.

Exceptions are made for Eden Prairie school fundraisers and local non-profits serving Eden Prairie youth such as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and churches. Additionally, non-profit organizations that are only asking for donations and not selling anything are not required to obtain a permit.

If you wish to exclude solicitors and peddlers from your property, post a sign near the entrance of your home with the words “Peddlers and Solicitors Prohibited”. The sign should be at least 3 and ¾ inches wide and 3 and ¾ inches long. The City also provides these cards free to residents at the Police Department reception desk in City Center.

Under MN Statute 325G.08, all peddlers and solicitors are required to provide buyers with a Notice of Cancellation for sales of $25 or greater. The Notice of Cancellation gives buyers three days to cancel their purchase without penalty. This statute is commonly known as the “Three-Day Cooling Off Law”

If you see someone in your neighborhood selling door to door and you have any questions or concerns about them, or if you are approached by a solicitor without an identification card, please contact the EPPD’s 24-hour non-emergency number, 952-949-6200. 

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