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Quality of Life Survey Results

Biennial survey reveals life is exceptionally good in Eden Prairie.

Post Date:03/08/2019

Sun setting over Purgatory Creek ParkEvery two years, the City conducts a Quality of Life Survey to gather opinions from a random sample of Eden Prairie households. This provides City leaders with an overall snapshot of how residents feel about living in this community, which plays a major role in determining current and future needs.

According to the latest survey results, Eden Prairie residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life and rate most City services and characteristics higher than local, regional and national benchmarks.

“The City Council values the Quality of Life Survey as an important tool to periodically take the pulse of our residents, and to set goals and refine our plans for the future,” said Mayor Ron Case. “The very positive results from this year’s survey validate 50 years of past Councils’ policies and the dedication of our outstanding City staff, while confirming the work plan and supporting the budget of the current Council.”

In fall 2018, National Research Center, Inc. conducted the City’s communitywide resident survey – the biennial Quality of Life Survey – which has been providing City leaders with a consumer report card since 2006. The 2018 survey’s margin of error is plus or minus 2 percent.

“We appreciate our residents who take the time to provide feedback as we work to serve and be responsive to our community,” said Mayor Case.

Key Findings

  • Eden Prairie’s quality of life is exceptional with 95 percent of respondents rating their overall quality of life as excellent or good, which places Eden Prairie’s quality of life rating higher than benchmark communities.
  • The economy is strong with 92 percent of residents responding positively about Eden Prairie as a place to work and for conducting business, and the City’s overall economic health.
  • Eden Prairie is safe with 94 percent positively evaluating their overall feeling of safety, and public safety services are rated higher than benchmark communities.
  • The City’s services are highly rated both with regard to quality and value of services for taxes paid; each rating outpaced benchmark communities.
  • Eden Prairie’s natural environment ranks first among all community characteristics rated in the survey, with 94 percent giving high marks to the community’s image or reputation and 92 percent recognizing health and wellness opportunities.
  • Residents are engaged with the City’s website ranking second behind “word-of-mouth” as a preferred source for local government information; both the “Life in the Prairie” newsletter and email/text subscription services increased by 8 percent among preferred information sources.
  • Traffic issues top the list of problems in the community as well as what residents like least about living in Eden Prairie.

The results of 65 questions in the Quality of Life survey were benchmarked with other Minnesota cities, for 26 of those questions Eden Prairie ranked #1. Of the 74 survey questions benchmarked with other cities nationwide, Eden Prairie ranked #1 for 10 of those questions.

The detailed 2018 survey data will soon be available at

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