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You Don't Need to be Irish to Save on St. Paddy Day Favorites!

Available at all three liquor stores.

Post Date:March 13, 2019

Irish whiskey drink topped with whipped cream, sitting next to shamrock-shaped cookiesNo luck o' the Irish needed to save big on these St. Paddy favorites!

Bushmill's Irish Whiskey
With a recipe unchanged since 1888, Bushmill's Irish Whiskey combines pure single malt whiskey with a lighter grain whiskey for smooth, rich, warming flavor.

Regular price $22.99
Sale price $17.99

Teeling Irish Whiskey
Small batch bottling in hand-selected casks, additional aging in ex-rum barrels and higher percentage of alcohol creates a smooth, sweet and slightly woody flavor unique to Irish whiskey.

Regular price $38.99
Sale price $22.99

Blarney's Irish Cream
Blarney's Irish Cream is a thick and rich liqueur that blends fresh cream and real Irish whisky to create pleasing notes of mocha, latte, nutmeg and toffee without a strong aftertaste.

1.75 liter:
Regular price $17.99
Sale price $16.99

750 mL:
Regular price $9.99
Sale price $8.99

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