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Garage Sale Regulations

Post Date:05/06/2019

garage-saleWith summer’s arrival, many of us start cleaning out closets and other spaces in our homes. Oftentimes that leads to thoughts of hosting a garage sale and perhaps making a few dollars.

Every spring and summer, Eden Prairie Police receive phone calls from residents wanting to know if there are any city code regulations pertaining to garage sales. City ordinances regulate the location, frequency and duration of garage sales, as well as the amount of signage permitted, as follows:


Garage sales may occur only on properties zoned Rural, Single Family or Multi-Family, where a dwelling has been erected and occupied.

How Many?

No more than four (4) garage sales can occur at a dwelling in a twelve (12) month period.

How Long?         

No sale shall exceed a period of four (4) consecutive days.


Residents are allowed one (1) sign at the site of the sale and two (2) temporary off-site directional signs. Signs cannot exceed six square feet and should not be placed within any street right-of-way or upon any public easement. Signs can be placed one day prior to the sale and should be removed one day after the sale.

For more information, please see Eden Prairie City Code Chapter 11.

Please note that if your neighborhood has a homeowners’ association, the association may have additional restrictions for garage sales.

Although we are not aware of any problems with counterfeit money being passed at garage sales in Eden Prairie, there have been reported incidents of fake money used at yard sales in other parts of the country. If you’re concerned about money you’ve received, check out the U.S. Currency Education Program for how to spot counterfeit bills.

Submitted by Jim Schedin, Zoning Administrator

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