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Eden Prairie Fitness logoThe personal training program is a great way to customize a workout program in order to reach a higher level of fitness.

Our trainers design a program to improve your muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and overall body composition. This is your excuse to break out of your plateau and reach your fitness goals!

Check out our personal trainers to choose the best trainer to fit your needs.


Lifestyle Coaching
Need ongoing support and motivation? Your personal trainer will conduct a 30-minute follow-up session to assist you in overcoming any obstacles. The focus of coaching is on the present, your goals, goal setting and reaching those goals.

Coaching Session*

1 Personal Training
Session, Plus 3 Lifestyle
Coaching Sessions

*Clients may purchase as many sessions as they need

Orthopedic Exercise

Personal Training
Work one-on-one with a personal trainer to ensure you are using proper technique and getting results. Individualized workout plans are developed to assist you in obtaining your goals. Both land- and water-based personal training programs are available.

55-Minute Session  Members Non-members
1 Session
3 Sessions
5 Sessions

Small-Group Training
Enjoy personal attention with up to five people and workout with friends, coworkers or teammates to achieve your goals. Each workout brings you through exercise progression to increase your strength, energy and fitness levels. TRX suspension and water-based options available.

Cost Per Person 
2 people $40
3 people
4 people
5 people

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