Staff Sergeant David Day

Staff Sergeant David DayDavid Day was raised in the western Minnesota town of Morris until he moved to St. Louis Park and became a police officer. Day was also a member of the Minnesota National Guard deployed to the war zone of Iraq just 12 days after marrying his longtime girlfriend, Amy Gulbrandson.

Staff Sgt. Day was a member of Charlie Company in Morris. A unit of the 151st Field Artillery, 34th Infantry Division, based out of Montevideo serving in Baghdad, Iraq when he was tragically killed on Feb. 21, 2005, during a convoy mission.

Staff Sgt. Day was in one of the lead Humvees with his driver and gunner when one of the vehicles behind them lost control and rolled. The small convoy stopped and did what it was trained to do, by providing security around the scene and assisting the injured. Staff Sgt. David Day, the squad leader of most of those on the scene, did exactly what he was trained to do and took care of his men.

Staff Sgt. Day set his Humvee sideways in the road so his driver and gunner could set a perimeter.  Staff Sgt. Day then ran back to the accident and gave assistance to the injured soldiers. After a medevac was called in, the first injured soldier was assisted to a helicopter. The second soldier was being carried on a stretcher by 1st Lt. Timmerman, Staff Sgt. Day, Sgt. Lhotka, a medevac soldier from the helicopter and two soldiers from another unit who had also stopped to provide security.

As they were crossing a guard rail with the soldier, an explosion occurred underneath them. Day, Timmerman and Lhotka were all killed and the two of the soldiers from the other unit were also severely injured. The soldier they were carrying on the stretcher received severe injuries but survived.

For their actions, Staff Sgt. David F. Day, Lt. Jason Timmerman and Sgt. Jesse Lhotka received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

110 police squad cars filled the town of Morris as David Day was laid to rest.

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