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Eden Prairie Manifesto

That we, as representatives of Eden Prairie businesses, city government, educational and religious institutions, accept special roles and responsibilities in fostering diversity in our community. We are dedicated to upholding the rights of every individual in our community to freedom, dignity, and security regardless of religious affiliation, race, ethnic heritage, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, or economic status.

Representing all sectors of Eden Prairie, we publicly declare our intentions:

  • To continue the development of a multicultural community which will not tolerate acts of harassment and intolerance;
  • To establish, communicate and encourage community standards that respect diversity; and
  • To promote acceptance and respect for individuals in an atmosphere of caring for others.

Adopted by the Eden Prairie City Council on the 18th day of May 1993.

Reaffirmed by the Eden Prairie City Council on this 4th day of January 2000.

Dr. Jean L. Harris
Mayor, Eden Prairie

We are and remain intolerant of intolerance.