Data Practices

Minnesota Data Practices Procedures
The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act establishes a comprehensive system for compiling and distributing government data gathered by the City of Eden Prairie. All government data collected and maintained by the City of Eden Prairie is considered public unless otherwise classified by statute, temporary classification, or federal law as private or confidential with respect to data on individuals, or as non-public or protected non-public concerning data not on individuals.

Summary of Eden Prairie Data Practices Procedures
This Data Practices Section is a simplified version the Minnesota Data Practices Act and its corresponding rules. It describes the procedures for requesting access to government data gathered by the City of Eden Prairie and the rights of data subjects. The City recognizes its obligation to provide comprehensive accessibility to historians, genealogists and other scholars to carry out their research. The City also acknowledges the need to remain open and accountable to the public in maintenance of its files and records while protecting the privacy rights of specific individuals and continuing the orderly and efficient operation of city government.

Responsible Authority
Eden Prairie's City Clerk has been designated by the City Council as the City's responsible authority under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. The responsible authority is accountable for the collection, use and dissemination of any set of data on individuals, government data or summary data, unless otherwise provided by state law. All further reference to the responsible authority in this section refers to the individual in the above named position. If a question exists regarding a request for access to government data, inquiries may be directed to the responsible authority.

Departmental Contacts
The following persons are officially designated by the Responsible Authority as “Designees” to be in charge of individual files or systems containing government data and to receive and comply with the requests for government data.

Administration: Rick Getschow, Katie O’Connor; Communications: Joyce Lorenz, Katie Bengtson; Facilities: Paul Sticha, Dzevad Mahmutovic, Sonja Roby, Leon Navarro; Finance: Sue Kotchevar, Tammy Wilson; Human Resources: Alecia Rose, Carrie Suedbeck, Christine Ruzek, Lori Kerns, Jeanne Klemp, Muriel Johnson; Information Technology: Aditi Salunke, James Goldenstein; Community Development: Janet Jeremiah, John Sams, Dave Buswell, Jody Carlson, David Lindahl, Julie Klima, Steve Durham, Lori Creamer, Angie Perera, Beth Novak-Krebs; Building Inspections: Kevin Schmieg, Lisa Morrill; Fire: George Esbensen, Anthony Svoboda, Jason Albers, Jeff Carrane, Kurt Buchanan, Kimberly Cox; Parks: Jay Lotthammer, Brenda Uting, Valerie Verley, Lori Brink, Matt Bourne; Police: Greg Weber, Cesar Muñoz, Kyle Duchschere, Records Staff; Engineering: Robert Ellis, Rod Rue, Paul Schlueter, Leslie Stovring, Rick Wahlen, Leslie Cain

Specific City of Eden Prairie departments may be reached in writing at 8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, or by calling 952-949-8300.

Data Classifications and Access

Access By
Data Classification
  On Individuals
Not on Individuals
On Deceased
Anyone for any purpose
Subjects, designees, legally entitled and government employees (need to know)
Government employees (need to know)

  • Requesting Data

    • Accuracy or Completeness of Public or Private Data

    • Confidential Data on Individuals and Protected Non-Public Data

    • Parental Access for Minors

    • Private Data on Individuals and Non-Public Data

    • Public Data on Individuals and Public Data Not on Individuals

    • Rights of Individuals Supplying Private or Confidential Data (Tennessen Warning)

    • Summary Data