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Data Practices

Minnesota Data Practices Procedures

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act establishes a comprehensive system for compiling and distributing government data gathered by the City of Eden Prairie. All government data collected and maintained by the City of Eden Prairie is considered public unless otherwise classified by statute, temporary classification, or federal law as private or confidential with respect to data on individuals, or as non-public or protected non-public concerning data not on individuals.

Summary of Eden Prairie Data Practices Procedures
Responsible Authority
Departmental Contacts
Data Classifications and Access
  • Requesting Data

    • Accuracy or Completeness of Public or Private Data

    • Confidential Data on Individuals and Protected Non-Public Data

    • Parental Access for Minors

    • Private Data on Individuals and Non-Public Data

    • Public Data on Individuals and Public Data Not on Individuals

    • Rights of Individuals Supplying Private or Confidential Data (Tennessen Warning)

    • Summary Data