Becoming a Firefighter

Eden Prairie FirefightersThe City of Eden Prairie recruits new volunteer firefighting staff each year. Successful recruits become a part of the team as a duty crew firefighter. Few part-time jobs afford the chance to help others, serve the community and qualify for a pension, all while providing an essential public service.

Eligibility Requirements
Because the Eden Prairie Fire Department provides a critical service to the community, it must take every precaution to select the best possible candidates.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Hold a valid State of Minnesota driver’s license to maintain active membership.
  • Must have residence within 10 minutes of one of the four Eden Prairie fire stations (measured from current residence to fire station).
  • Be able to carry out his/her responsibilities and provide good communications in a calm, positive and professional manner under emergency conditions.
  • Must successfully pass a thorough background check prior to being accepted as an Eden Prairie Firefighter.
  • Must successfully pass the Fire Department sponsored pre-membership physical examination, stress test, pulmonary function test and physical agility test.

To learn what it's like to be an Eden Prairie volunteer firefighter, watch the testimonials in this recruitment video:

Training Requirements
The purpose of the Eden Prairie Fire Department training program for new recruits is to give a full understanding of basic firefighting techniques as well as emergency medical response procedures for basic life-saving activities.

The training program is as follows:

  • Course Description Time Frame Total Hours Firefighter I & II Initial six months 160+ First Responder/CPR Anytime in initial 12 months 40
  • Ongoing Training Weekly three (3) hours per week After successful completion of the Firefighter I & II courses, new members may begin to ride emergency vehicles as fifth person on ladder trucks and engines and third person on light rescues and brush trucks.
  • After completion of the basic courses outlined above, there are many avenues that are available to further firefighting skills. Some topics include, but are not limited to: Hazardous Materials Response, Emergency Medical Technician, Building Construction Courses, Fire Inspector, Advanced Firefighting Courses and Fire Prevention. All are upon approval by the station captain and the training chief, these courses are paid for by the Eden Prairie Fire Department.
  • New firefighters must successfully complete the comprehensive screening process including physical, written and psychological tests, an oral interview and police background investigation