Orthopedic Exercise Program

Eden Prairie Fitness logoIf you have knee, shoulder or low back pain, our certified orthopedic exercise specialist can help following your orthopedic rehabilitation for a smooth transition to a regular exercise program.

Our trained staff members provide a supportive, safe environment for each session.

Package Options

55-Minute Sessions  Members Non-members
One Session $60 $80
Three Sessions $150 $210
Five Sessions $240 $300

Client may purchase as many sessions as he or she needs.

Program Feedback

"With the skills you have given me, I feel confident I can perform the exercises fully aware of proper technique and execution."
-Cindy Edwards

"I trained with Heather for a number of years. When she started working with me, I had a number of back issues from years of sitting at a desk and poor posture. Heather worked with me to strengthen my core especially my back, helped straighten my posture and significantly improved my range of motion. She made working out fun, rewarding and kept me regularly coming back."
-Richard Merriam