Curfew in effect for Eden Prairie 10 p.m. Monday, June 1, through 4 a.m. Tuesday, June 2

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Parks and Natural Resources

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The Parks and Natural Resources Division is responsible for the care of the City’s 44 parks and special use areas, including maintaining more than 1,000 acres of developed parkland, and ensuring a healthy and viable urban forest.

The passive areas of the park system include an additional 1,400 acres of property that is unmaintained or involves minimal maintenance work. The removal of diseased and hazardous trees, prescribed prairie burns, trail mowing and periodic boundary checks are the primary maintenance work that is done within these areas.

Forestry work includes:

  • Identifying and removing diseased trees
  • Coordinating annual Arbor Day celebration and Park Clean-Up Day
  • Enforcing the City’s tall grass/weed ordinance
  • Enforcing state/county noxious weed requirements
  • Monitoring private native grass/flower plantings
  • Investigating, overseeing and resolving City/private boundary interface conflicts
  • Providing forestry and natural resources-related consultations
  • Managing the City’s conservation areas, which include oak savanna, remnant prairie, remnant “big woods” forests and the riparian zones along creek and river watersheds

Sightline and Right of Way Pruning
Vegetation and trees along City streets and in right of ways are routinely pruned by the Streets Maintenance Division. This work is done to maintain safe intersection sight lines, eliminate branches that interfere with vehicles on the road or pedestrians on trails/sidewalks, and remove vegetation that impedes the City’s ability to perform maintenance and operation of utilities. Learn more about the City's vegetation management program.

Report Suspicious Activity
Dial 911 if you notice suspicious activities in City parks or open space property such as tree cutting, vehicles driving off-road, dumping, etc.

Use EP SEE CLICK FIX to report non-emergency parks and natural resources-related maintenance issues.