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Memorial Bench

Dedicate a Memorial Bench or Tree

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Honor a loved one or commemorate a special event by establishing a public tribute! Make the memory last forever when you purchase an Eden Prairie Park Bench or Memorial Tree.

Memorial Bench: $550
All benches are 6-feet-long, made with redwood and supported by a black enamel painted frame. The support post is cemented into the ground. The donor may request which park and which specific location within the park that they would like the bench placed.

A resistant plastic laminate plaque is affixed to the bench. The plaque sizing is 2 x 5 inches. The donor may request up to four lines of text.

Memorial Tree: $400
The City plants a 2-inch caliper balled and burlap tree. The donor may request which park and location in the park to plant the memorial tree.

Six Simple Steps to Apply

  1. Choose a memorial type. 
  2. Select a park.
  3. Determine a desired location within the park.
  4. Determine plaque wording (only applies to Memorial Bench).
  5. Submit written documentation (email or letter) with request, location and wording, including contact information. After approval, City staff will contact you to finalize the request.
  6. Make payment through the mail or in person. Please make checks payable to City of Eden Prairie.

The specifics:

  • All requests for memorials are approved by the Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Memorials must be paid for prior to the City placing an order for a bench and plaque, or tree.
  • The City may limit the number of memorials at a particular location.
  • The City accepts no liability for damage to memorials from vandals or third parties, or while performing maintenance activities.
  • The City reserves the right to remove any memorials that have been damaged.
  • Memorials and plaque wording are subject to change at the discretion of the City.
  • No additional mementos shall be permitted at the memorial site.
  • The timeline for planting of trees or installation of benches may vary.
  • Other memorial donations are considered on an individual basis.

The City has final approval of the exact location, taking into consideration utilities, maintenance, park use and other park amenities.

Call 952-949-8441 or email to learn more or place an order.