Park Facility Rentals FAQ


Below are questions and answers pertaining to park facility rentals in Eden Prairie.

Guidelines for Community use of Parks and Recreation Rental Facilities [PDF]

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  • Am I allowed to serve alcohol?

  • Are outlets available?

  • Are there any restrictions to cooking at my park facility rental site?

  • Are there restrictions regarding candles, flames or decorations?

  • Can I choose my own caterer or must I choose from a list of approved caterers?

  • Can I get a refund for my park facility reservation if the weather is poor?

  • Can I reserve an athletic field such as a baseball diamond, soccer field, and tennis or volleyball court?

  • Can I schedule a tour of a site before making a reservation?

  • Can I use a propane or electrical heating device at my park facility rental?

  • Can we have a DJ or band play at our event?

  • How are the rental sites arranged?

  • How do I secure a park facility reservation?

  • How late can my guests and I stay at the facility?

  • Is sound equipment available for rent at any of the park facilities?

  • Is the park facility site heated or air conditioned?

  • What are the rental rates? Is there a security or a damage deposit?

  • What are the requirements for the use of tents at parks?

  • What are the restrictions, set-up times and clean-up requirements for a park facility rental?

  • What is included in my rental?

  • What is the cancelation policy for park facility rentals?

  • What types of tables and chairs are available with my park facility rental?

  • Where can we park our vehicles or large cooking devices?

  • Who will be my contact and how will I get into my rental site?