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Patrol Division

The Eden Prairie Police Department Patrol Division includes eight patrol units as well as the secondary K-9, Field Training, Reserve, SWAT, Crime Tech, Retail Crime, DART, Airport and Crisis Intervention Team Units.

Patrol officers are the most visible members of the Police Department. They can be seen patrolling the community in their squad cars, as they strive to keep Eden Prairie a safe place to live, work and play. Patrol officers serve the needs of the community by protecting victims, apprehending criminals and providing a high degree of public service.

K-9 Unit
There are usually one to two teams who make up the K-9 Unit. The bond K-9 officers have with their dogs is more than that of a family pet and its master. Officers and their K-9s are partners, and they depend on each other in situations where a great deal of risk is involved. Police K-9s are used to help apprehend drugs and suspects, and find missing persons.

Field Training
The Field Training Unit consists of three to four specially trained officers who provide on-the-job training for new officers. The training period typically lasts four months.

Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)
The Police Department has a SWAT team consisting of trained personnel and special equipment for the safe and expeditious handling of situations beyond the scope of regular patrol and investigations units. The safety and preservation of human life is the SWAT team's primary goal. Their overall objective is to achieve peaceful resolutions through negotiations, control and compliance.

Crime Tech
The Crime Tech Unit consists of a sergeant and eight officers who have been specially trained to process evidence from crime scenes including fingerprints, shoe prints, DNA and other physical evidence.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
This unit includes a sergeant and four officers who are specially trained in crisis intervention techniques and serve as resources for other officers who come across individuals in mental crisis.

Retail Crime Unit
The Retail Crime Unit consists of three officers and a sergeant who are liaisons with the retail community in Eden Prairie. They operate out of a substation in Eden Prairie Center and focus on all types of retail crime and crime prevention.

The Airport consists of one sergeant who serves as a liaison to Flying Cloud Airport.

Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART)
The Domestic Abuse Response Team consists of one sergeant and seven officers who are specially trained to help domestic abuse victims by providing them with a comprehensive response plan.

The Eden Prairie Police Reserves is an auxiliary unit of the Police Department. Police reserve officers assist licensed, sworn officers by performing community service tasks and non-criminal police functions. Reserves also assist in natural disasters and other emergencies that require additional personnel. Eden Prairie Police Reservists are volunteers and do not carry firearms.