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Release of Identity to the Public and Media

The Minnesota Data Practices Act allows law enforcement agencies to withhold, from the public and the media, data which would reveal the name of a victim or witness to a crime when the following conditions are met.

  • Requested by the victim/witness
  • The law enforcement agency reasonably determines that the release would endanger the safety of the victim/witness or their property

To request that your name and address be withheld from the public and media, because of your concern for your safety or the safety of your property, you must obtain a request form from the Eden Prairie Police Department, sign and submit it within 24 hours. Signing this form does not ensure that your name and address will not be released; by signing this form you are requesting that the law enforcement agency review the circumstances of the incident and determine if risk to your safety or the safety of your property exists.

Note: The names of victims of criminal sexual conduct and minor victims under the age of 18 are automatically withheld from release to the public or media.