Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

A strong deterrent to crime in our city is neighborhood action. The crime prevention steps you and your neighbors take as a group are just as important as the things you do individually in deterring burglary, theft, vandalism and other crimes. A concerned and watchful neighborhood is more likely to deter burglaries and other criminal activity. Crime Watch is a cooperative effort between the police and individual neighborhoods.

Benefits of Having a Crime Watch

  • Getting to know your neighbors who will “watch out” for your neighborhood.
  • Receiving neighborhood crime alerts.
  • Posting Crime Watch signs to let criminals know you are involved.
  • Neighbors are more likely to watch your home and report suspicious activity.
  • Possible home insurance discounts.
  • Safety information provided by the Police Department to help make your home and neighborhood safer.

How to Get Started

  • Find out the interest level in your neighborhood – this can be done by talking with neighbors or distributing preformatted informational letters provided by the Police Department.
  • Work with the Police Department to define the area of your Crime Watch – this is generally a two or three block area, keeping in mind that participation of at least 50 percent of neighbors within the planned watch area is expected.
  • Arrange a meeting date with a Police Department crime prevention specialist and neighbors.
  • Try to determine if there are specific neighborhood issues and communicate them to law enforcement in advance of meeting.
  • Plan on a one hour presentation with time for questions after.
  • Notify neighbors 7 to 10 days in advance of the meeting date.

For more information about starting a Neighborhood Watch program, contact the Eden Prairie Police Department or call 952-949-6200.

To register for an upcoming training, click here and complete the Neighborhood Watch registration form online.