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Wildlife Resources

SquirrelAnimal Humane Society
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota
845 Meadow Lane North
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55422


The Animal Humane Society partners with Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota to assist all injured or abandoned wild animals except skunks. You do not need to call before dropping off the animal. After an initial examination at the Animal Humane Society, animals are shuttled daily to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. With only one staff person available for calls, your call cannot always be returned quickly during busy times. A volunteer may be available to transport fawns but the center does not offer transportation for other animals.


Francis Humane Animal and Pest Control

Francis Humane Animal and Pest Control will transport injured or orphaned animals to rehab centers for a fee. (no adult deer or bears). They may give advice by phone to help with animal rescue or humane removal of animals from homes. Recommended by all the other agencies listed here.


Mid-Minnesota Racing Pigeon Club

The club can help find owners of banded pigeons. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota also has a limited number of contacts.


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
State Patrol Dispatch


Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association

Contact the association to help determine what kinds of bees you have and direct you to the proper help and/or resources.


Raptor Center (University of Minnesota)
1920 Fitch Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

(after hours and weekends)

The Raptor Center accepts all carnivorous, meat-eating birds such as eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, vultures, kites and ospreys. All raptors are protected birds. An Eden Prairie Police Animal Control officer will transport raptors when on duty. Contact the Raptor Center if Animal Control is not available; the center may be able to arrange transport for the bird if you cannot bring it in.

Raptor Handling Tips


Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
2530 Dale Street North
Roseville, Minnesota 55113


The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center accepts all injured or abandoned wild animals. (The center prefers that raptors are taken to the Raptor Center). You do not need to call first if dropping off an injured animal. If the animal is orphaned, however, please call before delivering the animal. You also may call for information on animal care. If no one is available, someone will attempt to return your call within 1–2 hours, depending on caseload. This center does not offer animal transportation.