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Lost and Found Pets

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The best thing you can do to help locate a lost pet is to contact the Police Department at 952-949-6200, where information is entered into a "lost file" officers can use to help find your pet.

This information is retained for 10 days, longer upon your request. If your pet has been properly licensed and found by Animal Control, we can often contact you before you even realize your pet is missing. If your pet has been “chipped,” we can scan it for that information as well.

Unclaimed animals are taken to the Bloomington Animal Shelter. The shelter's phone number is 952-563-4942.

If you elect to distribute flyers or post signs, please keep in mind the Eden Prairie sign code prohibits the placement of signs and flyers on public property such as City parks, and within street right-of-ways, which are typically the first 12-15 feet back from the road. Attaching signs and flyers to utility poles, fences, street signs, utility boxes and other locations within the street right-of-ways is prohibited, and signs found within these locations may be removed and disposed of.

Area Agencies to Contact Regarding Lost and Found Pets

Animal Humane Society
Bloomington Animal Shelter
Carver County Sherriff
Eden Prairie Police Department
Minnetonka Police Department
Social Media