Lost and Found Pets

Dog LostThe best thing you can do to help locate a lost pet is to contact the Police Department at 952-949-6200, where information is entered into a "lost file" officers can use to help find your pet. This information is retained for 10 days, longer upon your request.

If your pet has been properly licensed and found by Animal Control, we can often contact you before you even realize your pet is missing. If your pet has been “chipped,” we can scan it for that information as well.

Unclaimed animals are taken to the Bloomington Animal Shelter. The shelter's phone number is 952-563-4942.

If you elect to distribute flyers or post signs, please keep in mind the Eden Prairie sign code prohibits the placement of signs and flyers on public property such as City parks, and within street right-of-ways, which are typically the first 12-15 feet back from the road. Attaching signs and flyers to utility poles, fences, street signs, utility boxes and other locations within the street right-of-ways is prohibited, and signs found within these locations may be removed and disposed of.

Area Agencies to Contact Regarding Lost and Found Pets
Eden Prairie Police Department
Keeps a list of lost and found domestic animals that are reported in the City and surrounding areas. Most animals that are found are brought to the Bloomington Animal Shelter. They are held for five days at the shelter before being put up for adoption. Some people choose to keep found animals at their homes. These animals are included on the lost and found list with the finder’s information. All found animals are scanned for microchips.

Bloomington Animal Shelter
9920 Logan Avenue S.

Animals found in Bloomington, Richfield and Eden Prairie are brought to the shelter when the owner cannot be located. All animals are scanned for a chip. Animals are held for five days before being put up for adoption. Only animals that are extremely ill, severely injured or too feral for the barn cat program are euthanized. If an animal is not adopted at the shelter, it is given to one of several rescue groups that will locate a home for it.

Phone calls are welcome. An Animal Control Officer is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Officers can give a detailed description of the animals at the shelter and the exact location where they were found. Visits to look at impounded animals for identification are encouraged. Sometimes, especially with cats, there can be two or three with similar markings. Visitors should call the shelter during the operating hours above to make sure an officer is there before stopping by (visiting hours on the weekend end at 2 p.m.). If no one answers at the shelter, call Bloomington Dispatch at 952-888-4401. They will send someone to assist you.

Minnetonka Police Department
The Minnetonka Police Department keeps a list of lost and found domestic animals that are reported in the City of Minnetonka and surrounding areas. Found dogs are taken to the Village Animal Hospital. About 75 percent are scanned for chips. Minnetonka does not pick up cats but will add them on their lost and found list.

Carver County Sheriff
The Carver County Sheriff's Office keeps a list of lost and found domestic and farm animals, including those impounded, that are reported in Carver County. This includes the City of Chanhassen bordering Eden Prairie on the west. Chanhassen uses Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Norwood Young America (952-442-4200) as an impound facility for dogs. Chanhassen does not pick up cats but will add them on their lost and found list. They advise people to take stray cats to the Animal Humane Society.

Hopkins Pet Hospital
The Hopkins Pet Hospital keeps a list of all reported lost and found animals for Edina and surrounding areas. Any animal picked up in Edina whose owner cannot be located is brought here. They are open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also call the Edina Police Department at 952-826-1600 anytime to see if they have picked up animals that have not been placed at the pet hospital yet.

Animal Humane Society
The website has a lost and found list you can check or add to, including pictures. Animals are from all over the metro area. Sometimes people who find lost pets bring the animal directly to the Humane Society, fearing it will be destroyed if turned over to Animal Control. Be sure and check this site, if you are missing a pet.

Craigslist is used frequently to search for lost pets or post found pets. Place your ad for free.

These Facebook community pages are for posting information, including photos, on lost and found cats and dogs. You can search the site without an account but must have a Facebook account to place an ad. These sites are not maintained by the City of Eden Prairie.

Post found or missing pet information on your neighborhood Nextdoor account to quickly get the word out to your neighbors.