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Right-of-Way/Utility Permit

For Installations, Connections, Underground Construction and/or Placement of Obstructions within City Right of Way or Public Easements


All applicants are responsible for reading and adhering to the information listed below.

Section 6.03 of the Eden Prairie City Code [PDF] shall apply to all work authorized by this permit. Call Gopher State One at 811 or 651-454-0002 for locates prior to digging.

The following information must be submitted with the permit application:

  • Detailed plan sheets showing existing conditions, including streets, trails, walks and surface features
  • Measurements from sidewalk/trails, curb and gutter, streets/right-of-way lines to proposed work
  • Detailed plan for any traffic control, detour and/or obstruction during the time of the project

Any connection to City infrastructure requires a 72-hour prior notification to the Utilities Division at 952-949-8520.

Contact the Engineering Division within 24 hours of any project completion.


  • Depending on the scope of work or project type (i.e. street cut) you may be required to provide a security deposit
  • Permit fees are due at the time the permit is issued; fees can be paid in person at the Engineering counter or via phone at 952-949-8330
  • If you are applying for a permit on behalf of a utility company, permit fees are billed on a monthly basis
  • Parties who do not pay their permit fees within 30 days will not be issued future permits until balance is resolved

By clicking on the application link below you are acknowledging responsibility for complying with Eden Prairie City Code and the stipulations listed within the application.

Please call 952-949-8330 for questions regarding right-of-way or utility permits.