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Adopt-A-Street is a volunteer program for environmentally conscious residents who want to keep Eden Prairie's streets free of litter. Residents, groups or organizations contribute their time picking up litter along roadways to create a cleaner environment.

Adopt-A-Street is valuable to our community in several ways including:

  • Helping maintain the natural beauty of our community
  • Saving tax dollars by allowing maintenance crews to devote their time to other projects
  • Providing a welcoming environment to visitors and creating community pride

How it Works
The City works with residents to select a section of a public street. There is no annual commitment. Choose to participate as often as you want to.


  • The group is encouraged to review the Adopt-A-Street Safety document before each pick-up
  • Events can only take place during daylight hours
  • Pick-ups may not be allowed at certain times such as on or near holidays.
  • Groups shall provide adequate supervision to participants 17 years of age or younger
  • A minimum of three participants required at any time during an event
  • Work is limited to the portion of the street right of way not designated as traffic or parking lane
  • City must be notified at least 72 hours in advance of an event
  • Groups are encouraged to recycle

City Support

  • Provides trash bags
  • Provides safety information
  • Provides class-2 safety vests
  • Removes trash bags and large, heavy or hazardous items from event area

Supplies provided by the City can picked up, by appointment between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the City Center.

How to Participate
Register for Adopt-A-Street or get more information by contacting they City's sustainability coordinator.