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Adopt-A-Street Safety Information

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City of Eden Prairie logoBefore You Begin

  • Check the weather and do not work when weather is threatening your safety; roads should be dry and visibility should be clear
  • Only work during daylight hours
  • Wear appropriate attire, this includes light-colored clothing, hats, gloves, and heavy leather shoes or work boots
  • Protect yourself, put on sunscreen or a long-sleeved shirt and insect repellent
  • Assign teams and leaders
  • Be safe, bring a first aid kit, water and cell phones
  • Review safety precautions every time you go out
  • Carpool to eliminate the amount of vehicles on the side of the road; if you do drive, park on the side of the road where you are picking up litter

While you work

  • Wear a high-visibility safety vest; motorists need to be able to see you
  • Use the provided bags for picking up litter
  • Face traffic while you work and be alert for approaching traffic
  • Stay in your group
  • Use cell phones to communicate among work groups
  • Drink water and take breaks
  • Do not crush bags filled with trash; broken or sharp objects could cause injury
  • Do not carry bag on or over your shoulder
  • Secure the bags by tying the ends
  • Leave bags behind curb or road shoulder for pick-up; do not place bags in street
  • Recycle materials collected when possible
  • Be aware noxious weeds such as poison ivy

Stay away from

  • Constructions sites
  • Mowing activities
  • Open water
  • Bridges, overpasses or retaining walls
  • Areas where chemicals were recently applied