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Streets and Engineering FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Streets Maintenance and Engineering.

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  • Streets and Engineering

    • How can I find out if there is a special assessment on my property for streets projects?

    • How do I apply for a permit to do work in the City's right of way?

    • How do I report a pothole or street damage?

    • How do I report a street light in need of repair?

    • How do I report a traffic signal that isn't working properly?

    • How do I report an obstructed storm drain?

    • How do I request temporary parking/no parking signs?

    • How do I reserve barricades and flashers for block parties?

    • What are the City's guide specifications for engineering consultants and contractors?

    • What are the road weight restrictions within the City?

    • What if my property is damaged by a snow plow?

    • Where can I find information about oversize/overweight vehicle permits?

    • Where can I find information about road construction projects?

    • Who handles snow removal on sidewalks and trails?

    • Who handles snow removal on streets?