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What's Being Done About I&I?

The City of Eden Prairie is using the money it would have paid in surcharges to Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) toward the implementation of an education, inspection and repair program designed to reduce I & I.

This program includes home inspections to identify sump pumps and foundation drains that might be incorrectly connected to the sanitary sewer system. During the initial home inspections, the scope and cost of correcting any problems are further evaluated. This could also lead to the consideration of a grant program to assist Eden Prairie homeowners with repairs.

In addition, the City thoroughly inspects manholes and sewer lines in the streets — the public portion of the sewer system — to determine other sources of I & I in Eden Prairie.

Through this plan, the City of Eden Prairie, in partnership with residents and businesses, will be able to meet the I & I requirements set by MCES.

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