Technology has allowed the City of Eden Prairie to connect with the public like never before.

By using our website as a platform for open government and investing time and resources in new engagement channels — in addition to traditional methods — we are helping residents to be better informed and to play a more active role in their community.

Informed Decisions
City leaders want to know the sentiment of the community before making decisions and planning for the future, so we collect feedback in a variety of ways.

Online Engagement
It can be hard to stay in touch with what’s happening in Eden Prairie, much less find time to get involved in the process. The Polco online engagement platform opens the conversation to a broader section of our community — perhaps those who can’t make it to a public meeting or don’t have time to write a letter to the City Council — an opportunity to provide ongoing feedback. Your participation helps City leaders shape the future of Eden Prairie.

Quality of Life Surveys
This biennial community survey gathers residents' opinions and suggestions about current and future needs in the City. A statistically random sample of Eden Prairie households provide City leaders with a pulse on how residents feel about their community, and the data plays a major role in determining how the City moves forward with regard to policy.

Business Surveys
The City partners with the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce to conduct periodic surveys of businesses within the community. The results are used to gauge the business climate and identify ways in which the City and Chamber can better serve the needs of the business community.

Customer Service Surveys
Eden Prairie Liquor surveys its customers annually to continually improve customer service.