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Eden Prairie Mayors

The Eden Prairie town board first met in 1858. Eden Prairie became a Village in 1962 and a Statutory City in 1974.

11 mayors have served Eden Prairie since 1962.

Present Mayor
Ron Case, 2019-current

Past Mayors
Nancy Tyra-Lukens, served 2002–2006; 2011–2018

Philip Young, served 2007–2010

Nancy Tyra-Lukens, served 2002–2006

Jean L. Harris, served 1995–2001 

Douglas B. Tenpas, served 1991–1994 

Gary D. Peterson, served 1985–1990 

Wolfgang H. Penzel, served 1976–1984

David Osterholt, served 1974–1975

Paul Redpath, served 1972–1973 

David Osterholt, served 1966–1971

Donald Rogers, served 1962–1965