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Recreational Fire Guidelines

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Eden Prairie Fire Department LogoA recreational fire can be an enjoyable outdoor activity when conducted safely. When burning a recreational fire on your property, remember to be a good neighbor. You are responsible for keeping your family, your friends, neighbors and children safe. The intent of these guidelines is to prevent fire hazards and ensure that your recreational fire is safe and enjoyable.

What is the correct size and location for my recreational fire?
Recreational fires shall be limited in size to 3-feet-wide by 3-feet-high and must be at least 25 feet from any combustible structures such as homes, sheds, decks or fences.

Exception: Portable, screened fire vessels may be used within 25 feet of combustible structures provided they are positioned at a safe distance from said structures, located on a non-combustible surface (i.e. patio, driveway or bare ground), and the fire conforms to the 3x3-feet size limitation.

The fire must be located on your own property. A responsible adult must be present at all times. If the fire is in an easement area, you must have approval from all involved parties. No recreational fires on are permitted on City property without written consent from the Parks and Recreation Director.

What can I burn in my recreational fire?
Only wood, minimum 1-inch in diameter may be burned. Prohibited items include: brush, yard waste, treated or painted lumber, trash or rubbish.

A means of controlling or extinguishing the fire must be available at all times, such as a garden hose or shovel, and loose dirt. The fire must be completely extinguished when unattended or during prohibited recreational fire hours.

When can I burn my recreational fire?
Recreational fires are permitted between the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight. Fires are allowed if winds are less than 15 miles per hour. They are also permitted when the fire danger level is at or below HIGH, or when otherwise not prohibited by the fire chief.

What should I do before I start my recreational fire?
Check the current weather and wind conditions on the National Weather Service website at

Check the fire danger level at The fire danger level is determined by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Be a good neighbor! Notify your neighbors if you plan to burn a recreational fire.

What else do I need to know about my recreational fire?
Any police or fire officer may withdraw permission for recreational fires due to smoke or nuisance problems/complaints, or violations to these guidelines.

A printed copy of these guidelines serves as your permit and must be on site — click print at the top of this page. If you have a screen shot that includes the entire list of guidelines, that’s acceptable. The key is that you know the guidelines and have them in your possession during the fire. The guidelines are available online at or from the Fire Department.

For more information about recreational fires in Eden Prairie, call 952-949-6200 and ask for the Fire Prevention Division.