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Community Gardens FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Community Gardens.

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  • Am I allowed to use pesticides or weed killer?

  • Are bathrooms available at all Community Garden sites?

  • Can I find out who is gardening next to me?

  • Can I request a specific garden plot, or a specific area within the garden?

  • Do I need to put up a fence around my garden plot?

  • Does the City provide equipment or seeds?

  • How can I be added to the wait list for next year?

  • How can I rent a community garden plot?

  • How likely is it that I will get a community garden plot?

  • How many plots are available at each location?

  • How much does it cost to rent a garden plot?

  • Is there a type of plant that most gardeners grow?

  • Is water available at all locations?

  • The garden next to me appears to be abandoned. Can I take it over?

  • What community garden plot sizes are available?

  • What do most people grow at their community garden plot?

  • What if I don't like the size or location of the garden plot I've been assigned?

  • What if I only want Pioneer Park community garden plot?

  • What is a community garden?

  • When am I notified of my Community Garden plot location?

  • When can I start planting in my Community Garden plot?

  • When do I need to clean up my garden?

  • When is my check cashed or my credit card payment applied?

  • Where are Eden Prairie community garden plots located?

  • Where can I find information about renting a community garden plot?

  • Who are community gardeners?

  • Who can rent a community garden?

  • Who is considered a returning gardener?

  • Will my garden plot be tilled?