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Campaign Guidelines

City of Eden Prairie Guidelines

  • Employees, volunteers and vendors working at City-sponsored events shall not utilize City facilities for campaign purposes.
  • It is permissible to distribute campaign literature on sidewalks, in public parks and in public right-of-ways.
  • Campaign signs cannot be staked or posted on City property. This includes but is not limited to tacking, pasting, taping, gluing of campaign signs or literature on City buildings, facilities or structures including trees, poles, posts, booths, tables, chairs, tents, toilets, etc.
  • Campaign signs cannot be posted or erected in street right-of-ways and will be removed promptly without notice.

State Law

  • Election Day laws for campaigning are contained in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 211B.11.
  • Restrictions on placing signs on property owned by corporations are outlined in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 211B.15 on Prohibited Contributions.