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Sustainability Legacy

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The City of Eden Prairie has always been mindful of the environment and natural resources the community enjoys.

Commitment to Action

Efforts to reduce Eden Prairie's environmental footprint began in earnest after the inaugural Sundance Summit Mayors’ Gathering on Climate Protection in 2005. Former Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens participated in the summit and signed the Mayor’s Commitment to Action, which led to the formation of the City’s Conservation Commission, now known as the Sustainability Commission, and the launch of the decade-long 20-40-15 initiative.

Although 20-40-15 concluded in 2015, the City continues to follow the practices that led to its success and find new ways to conserve energy, and reduce its carbon footprint. This commitment to our planet is now part of Sustainable Eden Prairie, an ongoing effort focusing on education and implementation of sustainable practices to protect the environment and natural resources our community enjoys.

Awards and Recognition
National and Global Action
Results and Ongoing Efforts