Storm Drain Marking Program

Help protect our City’s waterways from pollution by organizing your family and neighbors to place storm drain markers in your neighborhood. By marking storm drains, you’re letting neighbors know that only rain belongs down the drain!

Storm Drain MarkerAs rainwater and melting snow washes over our lawns and gardens, sidewalks and streets, it picks up pollutants and trash that end up in our storm drains. This stormwater flows directly to the City’s  waterways without being treated at a wastewater treatment plant. This untreated stormwater – and pollutants it carries such as pet waste, fertilizer, household chemicals, antifreeze and gasoline – pollutes our waterways, creating an unsafe environment for people, pets and wildlife.

The storm drain marking project was developed by the City of Eden Prairie, Nine Mile Creek Watershed District and Riley-Purgatory-Bluff-Creek Watershed District. It allows the community to work together to protect our waterways. Volunteers apply educational messages on storm drains to remind residents that whatever goes into storm sewers travels untreated to our lakes, streams and wetlands.

You Can Help
The City provides two types of storm drain markers, one metal and one plastic, as well as instructions and handouts for the neighborhood. Each kit is designed for a single use, for up to six people.

Each kit contains a wire brush, six sets of gloves, a plastic trash bag, and 12 curb markers. If your kit contains a plastic marker, a tube of glue will be provided. The kit also includes fliers to inform and educate neighbors about surface water pollution. Additional safety supplies such as safety vests are available upon request and must be returned when the project is complete. Storm drain marking kits are available first-come, first-served for residents to borrow. Kits can be borrowed for up to four weeks.

Contact the City's water resources coordinator with questions about the City's storm drain marking program.