Curfew in effect for Eden Prairie 10 p.m. Monday, June 1, through 4 a.m. Tuesday, June 2

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Water Conservation Rebate Programs

Sustainable Eden Prairie


Support water conservation and improve water quality by installing a native plant landscape. Native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions. They require less irrigation and fertilizer, capture pollutants, mitigate erosion and provide wildlife habitat. All projects must be approved prior to installation.

Learn more about Eden Prairie's landscaping rebate program.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Save money and energy by taking advantage of Eden Prairie's irrigation rebate program. Smart irrigation controllers conserve water by tailoring watering schedules to your yard and automatically monitoring weather conditions, soil moisture levels, evaporation and much more. Including smart spray sprinkler bodies conserves water by providing a constant flow at the sprinkler nozzle, and generating the optimal spray and coverage for more uniform distribution of water.

Irrigation system upgrades, new installations and stormwater reuse systems require approval prior to installation.

Learn more about Eden Prairie's irrigation system rebate program.

Contact the City's Sustainability Coordinator with questions regarding water conservation rebate programs.

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